Fun and Interesting Summer Activities for Your Children to Help Enhance Learning
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Fun and Interesting Summer Activities for Your Children to Help Enhance Learning

Summer vacation is a long vacation from school in the Philippines. This is a good time to join the children in their activities and enhance further learning. There are several ways of letting your children enjoy summer vacation to the max. If you have the time to join them then do it because it will develop better family bonding and relationships.

Summer vacation is one of the most awaited times of the year for the kids.  It means, time to rest and be free from the many school activities.  The pressures in school is what the children hate about going to school so when summer vacation is nearing each child has already an eager to have vacation attitude.  Children are very eager to end the school year and enjoy their long vacation.  This is why in the Philippines where the end of school year starts on March, summer hang outs such as the beach, cool places like Baguio and Davao become very busy during summer.  Many families go on holiday during the hot summer time to escape the heat and have a breath of fresh air.  The good things is, the family could enjoy to the max since there are no school works to be worried and there are no classes to miss so the kids will surely enjoy and have fun as they wish.

There are many activities that you can do with your kids during the summer vacation.  This is the time when you can share and spend more time with your kids.

Here are some interesting and fun activities with kids during summer.

Outdoor and indoor sports

How about sports with your kids to beat the summer heat?  Instead of letting the kids stay at  home and watch TV and play with their different types of gadgets, allow them to develop a healthier activity by letting them join you in sports related activities such as ball games, tennis, fishing, dancing and others.  These activities will not only keep the kids busy but will make them fit and healthy.  Kids who are active physically have more possibility having active minds too than kids who just sit down at home doing nothing but watching television and playing games in the computer.

Beaches and Pools

Swimming is a very good exercise for the kids during summer time.  There are many good values too that kids can develop by going to the beach if you only make them see those values and develop them.  Let’s say you are going to the beach, teach your kids to prepare their things before going to the beach.  This will enhance and develop their sense of responsibility.  If you are in the beach then you can teach your kids to be responsible with their own things.  You can also teach the kids to be responsible in gathering the trash and throwing them in the proper place.  There are many small tasks that kids can learn when you go to the beach or pools which will help them better grow and develop.

Arts and Crafts

Children love arts and crafts.  Arts and crafts activities will better enhance the children’s motor at the same time mental skills.  By providing your children with enough activities related to arts and crafts, your kids will learn to become creative and learn other good values such as handling things properly, learning to be responsible and learning how to organize things.

Community Service

It is during summer when children are given the chance to do some community services such as cleaning the surroundings, planting trees or helping in church.  You can let your children join community services so that they will develop their social skills and at the same time learn the value of helping and working with other people.


Many workshops are being offered during summer because the organizers know that this is the time when children are out of school and they have time for workshops.  The purpose of workshop is to enhance further learning in different learning areas such as acting, reading and language, speech, arts and crafts, music and others.  The workshops serve as follow-up and enhancement programs to better train the kids and develop their skills.

There are countless activities that you can do with your kids during summer.  If you can have the time to join them, do it because this will help not only your kids to grow but it will strengthen family bonding and relationships.

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These are indeed summer activities for children that help improve learning.  Great suggestions!

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Thank you my dear sister Felisa. In fact, I have been searching for Pinkay and could not find. Thank you for this summer activity article. My support and friendship is always with you. I will come back again to join you.