How Can You Show Your Children Trust and Confidence?
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How Can You Show Your Children Trust and Confidence?

Children develop confidence when parents show them trust. There are several ways to show trust, without blurring the lines of authority.
   You want your children to grow up with confidence and poise.  You are no different than any parent.  You know the greatest thing you can give your children is confidence.  Your children's confidence will propel them to a good life, long after you are gone.

      The first way to show you trust your children is to ask their opinions about things.  Hear them out, even if you do not agree.  Let your children have a voice.  Let them practice expressing their voices at home.  Children who are treated like their opinions do not matter, do not generally speak out, when they leave home.

       Give your children choices.  You know they have to take a bath, and you know they have to do their homework.  However, why not throw in a choice?  "Children, would you like to do your homework before or after you take your bath?"  You are still letting them know they have to accomplish certain tasks, but you are also giving them a sense of leadership in their activites. This is good for their self-esteem and it diffuses resentment.

      Most people, children included, do not like to be told what to do all the time.  It is an old fashioned belief that children have to be led around  like blind sheep.  Children, just like adults, need to be treated with respect and dignity.  Children can accomplish positive behaviors without being yelled at, without being threatened, and without being put down.  In fact, the more positively children are treated, the better children behave generally

      When you let children know that you believe in them, and you give them room to blossom, you build their confidence. Children are like flowers. They start out as fragile tender buds, and with the right nourishment and encouragement, their roots get stronger. The stronger they become, the more they grow.

            Your children are your guests.  They are visiting you and one day,it will be time for them to get on with their own lives.  Honor them as guests, who brought you greater challenges, along with greater wisdom, and a greater capacity to love.  You in return, are gifting them with confidence and trust, by showing them you believe in them, and showing them they matter to you.

    photo by Filomena Scalese


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