Is Your Child a Compulsive Liar?
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Is Your Child a Compulsive Liar?

It is an article on parenting. It deals with the reasons that why children tell lies frequently and what are the possible ways to make correction in them.


Is your child a compulsive liar?

Parents complain about this disgusting habit of their offspring. Lies, which sound very funny and bizarre Parents remain perplexed that how they can handle such dirty habit of their children. Research shows that children in their teenage fall victims to this habit of telling lies for trivialities in life.

‘My mother stood first in the Miss Universe competition. I think, my sister will repeat her act in the coming year’- said one boy to a group, who were discussing about the freshly declared result of the Miss World contest. Mother of the boy was 36 year old and she had never even stepped on the stage to get a prize, let alone ramps, beauty contest and trophy. This was the absurd mental projection of her twelve year old son, who had the unexplained curiosity in watching the nudes and semi-nudes in the modeling shows and blurting out such projected untruth before other classmates. His lie was a stock of laughter as it went to the ears of the parents of other boys and girls in the school. While they laughed and jeered at the parents of that particular boy, they stood in utter embarrassment with downcast faces. Although, the boy was chastised repeatedly by the parents, it almost proved futile. It was shocking part of the nature of the boy that gradually unfolded. There were more skeletons in the cup-board, which kept tumbling out. The parents found to their horror that the boy also spoke lies about the classes, teachers, and other students and gradually he was branded as a master liar by everyone.

  1. Psychologists say that such habit can be a cause of  a mental disorder-

Habitual lying may be a due to a mental disorder. It is the due the fact that different people observe things in different ways and interpret in various ways. Projections are built upon interpretations. Well, this habit does not get away with the growth of age. Rather it gets strengthened with age. Adults are even found to be indulging in this obnoxious habit.

  1. Economic backwardness and struggle in the backward class motivate people to tell lies-

Intermittent desires for more and struggle to come up in life incite people to tell lies. Take the case of the boy, who actually realized that his mother would never be at par with a winner of a beauty contestant and to bridge up the gap between his wish and reality, he cast this ‘lie’ in the frame of his mind. The boy obviously belonged to a lower social class, who wanted to impress others in the group about his superiority.

  1. Inferiority complex can be another factor-

As almost everybody has to survive in the competition of social mores, there can be a predisposition towards lies. You are bogged down by the phobia that unless you carve out a status in the society by hook and crook, nobody would care for you. Therefore, sometimes you speak untruths and at times you throw the tantrums because others catch at your words, nailing your lies. This also happens in the case of children.

What parents can do to correct such a habit of the children?


  • Parents need not beat and abuse their children. As matured human-beings, they need to realize that every lie is based upon illogical base. When the children tell you lies, question them about the rationality of the thing they are trying to project. Put in strong words in their faces that the whole theory is false. Do not use slang or abusive behavior to correct them. Believe it, parents are very important persons for the child. If he or she is discouraged and properly weaned away from this dirty habit, there would be wonderful result.  
  • Make him face the opposite of lie. The opposite of a lie is truth. In imaginary self-defense, you may have to tell a lie. But we know for sure that there is strength in telling truth. The greatest strength of the truth is that it makes a character. Show the child the instances like Mahatma Gandhi and other great people, who dared to tell the truth. The ultimate result is they became great human-beings in their lives. 
  • In case the child shows agitation after getting found out, find the logic behind his words. He or she may be a compulsive liar due to stressful circumstances. Increasing pressure for studies and weight of the course curriculum and study materials can compel any child to tell lies. 
  • You need to go to the root of lie. You will be amazed to find your own involvement as a parent. Children get compelled to lie because of disturbed relationship between the parents.
  • In case of continued lying and violent behavior of the child, you may show the child to a psychiatrist.

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