'Kindergarteners On Their First School Bus' by Richard L. Allen
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'Kindergarteners On Their First School Bus' by Richard L. Allen

The trials and tribulations of a school bus driver with kindergarteners.Dealing with the 5-year-old mind and how to make it through the day on the road. Recognizing and appreciating the different personalities of the children and therefore, enjoying a great job. A great book for parents of youngsters approaching school age, grandparents and anyone who drives a school vehicle.

Some of the best and maybe the worst memories can come from being just a little child and having to board that big yellow bus and leave mom and dad behind and go to school. Some children relish the day that they are grown-up, while others are not ready to leave the nest.

Richard L. Allen has just about done it all. Born in Gary, Indiana, this divorced father of six children was reared and schooled in Newark, New Jersey's mean streets that he loved. Loved, so much that he became a Newark police officer and United States Air Force Reservist.

I met Rich when he was an overnight guard at the State of New Jersey office building where I worked. Always with a smile and a kind word for the few people who ventured in and out of the building during the wee hours, we shared a love of writing. Never forgetting a friend, Richard sent me his latest book, and I just had to sit and read it immediately.

In his latest book, "Kindergarteners On Their First School Bus," readers get a peek into the heart of a man with so much street smarts; yet deals with what he calls, "little super heroes and super heroines." Many of the children in the middle to the upper-income area had never been on a bus before.

This book is a heart-warming look into the mind of a man with a loving heart who deals with the 5-year-old mind exactly the way children would expect. He deals with the little attitudes, the criers whose world my just came to an end because they lost their stickers or their slinky, the future accountant who kept track of how many kids were still on the bus, and just in case he did not miss someone, would let him know when to stop the bus. The love triangles that were a cause for tears when a boy diverted his attention from one girl to another causing a loud tearful episode.

The future ACLU lawyer who did not approve of the driver having a fan when the rest of the bus did not,  the conniver that gave a poorly written note to the driver from her so-called  mother to let her off the bus at her friend's house.

"Kindergartners On Their First School Bus" is his seventh book. Much of his writing is poetic, and it is his second children's book. His other books include; "Lock & Key,"  "A New Ark Police Officer's View of Poetic Just Ice/Justice,"  "Poetic Black," "Poetic Black II," "Poetic Police Food For Thought" and "The All About Children/Kids Book," here is hoping to see many more from this awesome author.

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