Peer Pressure Now Called A MeMe? Or, What Is Ah MeMe?
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Peer Pressure Now Called A MeMe? Or, What Is Ah MeMe?

A parent's look at a new name for peer pressure, a meme or a neato turned groovy.

There are many meme's going around and not just on the Internet. Passing something on can be quite disturbing like if you have the kissing disease and decide to pass kisses around. That can be not to swift and even dangerous or as dangerous as telling someone whom you have been chasing for over a year that you can't kiss him because you have mononucleosis. You could try and deal with it, but the odds are that he will think that you are a liar or even worse a tease and that might be the last thing in the world that you are. How do you deal with passing on something that you don't want to pass around but suddenly find yourself having to pass it on or else be in trouble and called anti social or something.

A queer case of passing on something that is blatantly absurd but you are forced to pass can go something like this. You are in your English class at high school and a boy sitting to your left gives you a note. You take it and he yells out loud enough for the whole class to hear, " pass it to Dolly, I am asking her to the prom."

Seriously, why tell you what is in the note? Why tell the whole class what is in the note? Why not just go to the office and have the vice principal announce it out loud?

The humor or it is that the receiver of the note is not about to be done by him. Dolly takes the note and says to you, "I'm not going to the prom with him. Do you know how much money it takes to go to the prom?"

You don't care really, but you are now unwillingly involved in a tragic situation or a meme.

Passing around the tin can by a bum on a street can be caricatured in a church with ruffian looking ushers passing the basket. But a meme, as we all know, is an online explosion where you can get an email with a funny face and a tongue sticking out. You are supposed to find that troll, troll, trolling and trolling it on means to send it to someone else.

Sometimes meme's are not only funny faces but funny comments. Like a troll of someone with measles looking at a pregnant woman and saying, "Do I?" Such meme's are sometimes unwittingly cruel but you have to deal with it as the point of the game is to pass it on and to have enough discipline to take it after it you were given it weren't you. How about a meme of a rattle snake poised in front of a baby who thinks the tinkling is his rattle? Pass it on? Of course, it really is quite droll and funny actually. The sender can be as indifferent to your personal likes and dislikes if he doesn't know who you are. You have to deal with it. You might not know who sent it and unlike the prom dumped, have no way of dealing with it. That means that you have to find another target, send it to them and feel happy about it.

Imagine a talk show host calling you a terrible name on air but not you just your alias that everyone knows like calling you a troll. You can't sue or get even since he didn't use your name. You have to deal with the indignation by finding another person who has an alias like Alice in Wonderland and say Troll in Wonderland or something similar. You can then go around emailing everyone that you hit yourself with a wet noodle like Ann Landers.


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