When a Child Has a Problem With Authority
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When a Child Has a Problem With Authority

Having a child who has a problem with authority can cause a huge strain on a family, and ultimately will destroy their life as well.

What do you do When Your Child has a Problem With Authority?

There are more and more children today growing up with a problem with authority, which means that they show no respect for their elders, the law, or practically anyone.

In western society, parents are growing soft, and caving to the demands of kids, until these children develop a spoiled rotten attitude which makes them believe that the world owes them something for nothing.

This attitude will soon result in disaster, as they go head to head with people holding authority in the real world.

Let's examine the people in authority, and the consequences of doing the opposite to everything they tell you to do.

  1. The police control the law of the land, and if you do not respect the law, you will end up in jail.
  2. Employers control the jobs you can do, and talking back to them will get you fired.
  3. Landlords own the roof over your head, and disrespecting them may make you homeless.
  4. Doctors know the right things to do to keep you healthy, and not doing what they say may kill you.
  5. Parents usually have your best interests in mind, like 99% of all authority figures.

So, the implications are clear. A child who has a problem with authority has a problem with the world, and will probably spiral out of control into a life of crime, poverty, drug abuse, and death when they grow up.

The way to change their behaviour while still young is to model good behaviour. There is no point screaming at them, as they will simply mimic this angry, defiant behaviour.

While you must show serious discipline, and consequences to their bad behaviour, it is more about the way you do it than what you do.

A child is like a dog, and can be trained with positive or negative reinforcement. Rather than anger, disappointment is the right tone of voice to use when your child acts up.

Try to give your child many opportunities to the right thing, something they can be proud of when they succeed and you show how proud you are too.

Remember that the parents of the past were a lot tougher on their children, and don't be afraid to get a little physical if you need to, with the aim being not to hurt, but to show authority physically.

If bad behaviour persists, you may need to seek professional help, and there could be all sorts of underlying mental problems, but for the most part, you can learn how to train a child in much the same way as a dog.

Don't let them think that they are the boss, or you're done for, and pretty much so are they, if they don't have the skills to handle being the leader of the pack.

Disclaimer: I am not a trained child psychologist

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